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Acyd io
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Acyd io

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Acyd ioAcyd io game is a space based game having 5 different types of moons the (gear,virus,splat,shuriken and decagon).One moon eats objects and other players in-order to dominate the game.

To get started with the acyd io game you will choose your user name,the moon you wish to play as,the playing mode which,and whether you are playing as a solo,team or hunger.-To move you will use your cursor for direction then press and hold on ‘W’ for movement,always remember that every time you move you tend to loose mass, that is why you need to feed on the other objects and players in-order to gain mass,use Q to shoot,doubler is for doubling your mass and speed will increase your mass over a short while and you can also use” E’to dominate enemies.In the acyd io game you can talk to players to get tips and share secrets of the game to get to the leadership board.It is not an easy game, but as they say practice makes perfect,soon you become a pro and enjoy the game.

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