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Basher io
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Basher io

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Basher ioAbout the game

Just as the name implies, Basher io is a fun online multiplayer game where you bash other players by spinning with a hammer. What makes this game interesting, is that you can play as some famous politicians such as Trump and Putin.

The Basher io originally had Hillary and Trump characters during the election period, and Putin was later added as a secret character. Now that Hillary is off the map, it’s just Trump and Putin, and more to come. You can also play as a smiley and choose any flag for your hammer.

How to play Basher io
Every time you bash your enemies, they drop some coins, which you pick to boost your score and increase your hammer.
Direct and swing your hammer by using the mouse. The hammer will move in the opposite direction of the cursor on the screen.
Have fun bashing your friends with Basher io. Happy gaming everyone!

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