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Bellum io

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Bellum ioI started playing Bellum io about a week ago, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite browser games. At the start of each game, you start with one territory – your base – which generates a small amount of resources, known as military power. On the right-hand side of the screen you’ll be able to build various units, these allow you to boost your military power rate further. The economy is fairly straightforward in that as the game progresses, you’ll build units, which boost your Mp, allowing you to produce even better units, and so-on.

Once your economy gets going early game, you can begin expanding across the map. Expansion is also pretty straightforward. Each territory costs a certain amount of Mp to occupy. Once you occupy a territory you can upgrade it using Mp, making it harder for enemies to capture. Ultimately, the goal is to wipe out all of your opponents, becoming the sole military power on the map. In short, it’s loads of fun, and between the short, intense games and great system for linking with friends, be prepared to sink hours into playing.

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