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Blash io
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Blash io

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Blash ioBlash io is a free, online .io game, with simple and fun mechanics. While it has a lot of similarities with games like agar.io, it still maintains a unique, comical style. So what does this game look like? You control a character (there are a lot of custom ones) that looks like a balloon that shoots bullets out of its mouth. The controls are pretty simple: you use mouse to move and aim, W or Left click to shoot (or E to toggle auto-shoot) and Space to dash (hold for sprint). Your objective is to become Arena Master and it can be achieved by killing 25 opponents. As soon as you do so, the server restarts and a new round begins.

There are a few easy tricks to get to the Leaderboard. Use your Spacebar wisely to avoid incoming attacks, but don’t overdo it as your health and mass decreases, avoid the sawblades and try your best to get the main possession of the game, the FIRE ORB! The Fire Orb makes your attacks significantly stronger, but the other players will surely try to kill you and take it for themselves.

Altogether, Blash.io is a well-made, addictive game. Regardless of its lack of originality, it is very enjoyable.

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