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Blockor io
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Blockor io

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Blockor ioBlockor io is a online multiplayer game which is similar to agar.io. In this game, you start as a single small block in a world full of other little single blocks. If you touch any of the block , it will stick to your block and when you form a square, your block will start growing. The best thing about this game is that you can grow in any shape. Once you gain a bit more mass, you simply destroy everyone else in sight and take their block and make your mass more bigger. To destroy other people simply make a collision with them, let the bigger block win.

Now, about the movements, all the movements is done through your mouse cursor. You can also drop single blocks in front of you just by pressing W and SPACE BAR to speed up. Its a simple concept but too addictive and interesting.

In conclusion, Blockor io is an awesome game with simple controls but fun to play.

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