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Deeeep io
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Deeeep io

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Deeeep ioDeeep io! is a brand new game with a gameplay similar to that of Agar.io and slither.io. This means that you start as a lowly human in an ocean full of other massive sea animals who are actually players from around the world. You then eat your way up the food chain to become bigger. Once you have eaten a certain amount of food or other animals and gain enough xp, you turn into other bigger animals with the ultimate form of a whale shark. Currently you progress through 12 animals before becoming a whale shark including orcas and penguins. This means that certain animals need to hold their breath and need to be on the lookout for the oxygen meter. You also cannot eat other players of your own species while any one bigger than you from other species can eat you.

Deeep io looks simple enough but is quite difficult. For beginner players even survival is a very tough job. However a little bit of patient gameplay makes you big enough to challenge other players. But just like any ocean, there’s always a bigger fish. This constantly shifting difficulty and other mechanics keep the game fresh and different from other similar .io games. This game is quite new and changes are being made all the time as the creator is very receptive of user suggestions. Controls are really simple. So if you have a decent internet connection to avoid any lagging issues do give this game a try. Its free after all.

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