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Diep io
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Diep io

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Diep ioDiep io is probably the most popular game featured at our website and my favorite one. I have played a lot of io games and know a lot of things about them, but diep.io is something better than all of them. Of course, it is a game which features massive multiplayer mode, with up to 500 active players. The best thing about this game is the way it was made and it’s gameplay. So, you start playing as a small tank, and have to kill other players or destroy objects to gain xp. If you manage to gain enough xp and level up, you will be able upgrade your shooting skills or health regeneration and so on. The higher level you have – the more powerful tank you own.

To play the Diep io game you must move the tank with the WASD keys and shoot using mouse. There are several game modes available in the game – for example Sanbox. It is used to find out how to play the game, it’s like manual. Among my fav game modes of the diep.io are : Survival Mode, Domination Mode and 4Teams Mode. Hope that you will enjoy the game at ioGamesZ.com

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