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Generals io

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Generals io I recently started playing Generals with a few friends, and it quickly became one of our favorites for short multiplayer games. It is an extremely faced paced regicide game where the goal is to capture all of your opponents’ kings while protecting your own.

Each player starts with their king territory, which automatically generates a soldier each turn. Territories may be captured by moving your soldiers into them with a simple click and drag mechanic. Keep in mind, however, that you must leave behind one soldier in each territory you capture, meaning that moving long distances can quickly deplete your army. You can boost your production of soldiers by capturing enemy kings or neutral forts, each of which also adds one soldier per turn. Battles are resolved by simple subtraction – the winning army loses soldiers equal to the strength of the losing army.

Generally, the best opening moves are to scout for your opponents and try to take one or two out early to secure higher soldier production. The neutral forts, while tempting, have a high base strength, which means that capturing one may leave you vulnerable to attack. Once you have enough soldiers, hunt down your remaining opponents, and victory is yours!

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