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Hexagor io
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Hexagor io

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Hexagor ioThis is a strategy game. The map is made up of hexagons which have to be conquered. A player starts with group of hexagons then continues to expand. Territories are expanded by clicking on the adjacent hexagons. Players play by forming alliances and strike fear into the hearts of all those who dare to be enemies in this game. Players need to quickly build castles, utilize wisely their resources with neighbors (other) other players.

-Multiplayer and team game
-Can be supported in iPhone or iPad
-Has great graphics

How to play this game
o The player begins with their home base.
o Players should be able to conquer plots that are adjacent increase their territory and defend their home base.
o When the players have land surrounding their base, they can then begin to grow towers that will act as defenses in case other players want to take it.
o Players have to be careful because enemies try to invade their base and conquer it. If intruders get into your territory, then the land you had previously conquered will be taken back and deleted!

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