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Hordes io
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Hordes io

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Hordes ioHordes IO is an online multiplayer game with features like chat and the ability to team up with other players by forming a clan. To move your character, you use the mouse controls or the directional keys on your keyboard. You can pan left and right by using these keys, as well.

When the game first starts, you will spawn in a low level monster area and kill things such as Demon Slime, Mother Slime, and Undead Slime in order to power up and stock your inventory and money. To attack a monster, select it and use your number keypad (numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4).

You do not want to stray far from the initial starting point of the game until you are around level 14 or 20, because the monsters further from this point are higher level. Trying to run past them all to explore the rest of the map will place you face to face with beasts that can deliver a 670 point attack that kills your character instantly.

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