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Lazerdrive io

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Lazerdrive ioI Love online gaming, and have a particular fondness for the competitive world of online multiplayer games. Lazerdrive io is one such game. When you first enter into it, there is a colourful screen with lines moving all around that immediately made me forgo all reasoning and jump right into playing without seeking out the instructions. Needless to say my first time playing it lasted only seconds.

After having learnt my lesson I located the instructions, hidden behind the question mark symbol on the bottom of the screen. The premise of the game is simple, you control a lazer that moves forwards, left and right, but you can not touch your own line or anyone else’s, or you lose. Think a modern version of snake but with other people added to the mix, a terrific concept.

The idea is to travel between the lazer lines of the other players and to survive as long as possible whilst trying to collect bonus objects. You can kill other lazers by cutting them off and making them crash, gaining you more points and a higher ranking.

It is not as easy as it sounds, with other players appearing from no where, my best is still currently only 11 seconds! But it is an addictive game nonetheless and has definitely set my competitive streak off. For anyone who loves gaming, is just competitive, or wants a fun game to play to avoid doing work then Lazerdrive io is it.

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