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Meduzzza io
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Meduzzza io

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Meduzzza ioMeduzzza io is a multiplayer online game which can be played on your browser. You set to start as a small jelly fish in the ocean. As you eat more bubbles your size will get increased. And whenever you eat other fish, octopus, starfish your size will get bigger and bigger. This is an engaging game where mostly you lose your life either by touching the borders or touching other bigger jellyfish. And you should be beware of other jellyfish tentacles too even the smaller ones.

Its a relatively simple game which can be played by placing your mouse. You can drag your mouse to set the direction for the jellyfish where you can hold your left click for steering it in a faster pace. Other jellyfishes you might see are the other online players who are playing currently and the leaderboard is shown on the top right corner of the screen. You start with 20 points and will get more points based on things that you eat during the game. You can see your name going up the order in the leaderboard as you eat more.

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