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Mudwars io
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Mudwars io

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Mudwars ioNo matter if you are a professional gamer or just a newbie, Mudwars IO is the game for you. To start playing the game, all you need is a nickname and if you want you can choose a color for your tank. There are two ways you can control the tank, first is through your mouse and two keys that are W and S, in which you would use W for forward movement and S for reverse while you can use the mouse to dictate the direction and the mouse buttons to shoot. Other way is through the arrow keys and space bar where you use the arrow keys to control the direction and space bar to shoot.

Initially you will have to face a lot of failure as you would be new to the game and many advanced players would be waiting to slaughter you. But as and when you get an hold of the game you will be able to fight them back and you will have as competitive a tank as any other. Over all, if you are looking for a fun filled game, then Mudwars IO is a great option for you. No lagging in the game at all and it works with a slow connection too.

So you can just go out there and have fun.

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