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My Frog io
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My Frog io

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My Frog ioMyfrog io is another exciting online multiplayer game from the increasing list of .io games. The game places players against each other in a world which is a fight for survival. By the name of the game, it’s easy to guess that each player is a frog. However, you actually begin the game as a tadpole and as you grow – while you eat and kill the other players – you slowly look more like a frog.

Your objective is to grow the maximum you can and survive the longest. Since your opponents have the same intentions, the competition intensifies. The controls are simple. You have to use the mouse to control the movement of your frog. Move it in the direction of the food to grow bigger. Using the left click will launch you forward and leave a trail of lily pads behind you. Use this as a tool to kill opponents. When they bump into the lily pads, they die and add to your points tally.

Myfrog io can keep you engaged right from the start till you have achieved the first rank. However, the plot gets a little monotonous when you’ve killed all your opponents and you end up only eating food. The excitement is expected to sustain only in the presence of two or more equally competitive players.

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