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Oceanar io
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Oceanar io

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Oceanar ioOceanar io is a new addictive game from the io games series. It’s an easy game to play. Once you start playing you’ll realize how challenging it is. To play it you need to take control of the queen fish or the little Anglerfish. You need to swim around the ocean and look for fish that are smaller than you to consume. The more you consume, the bigger and ferocious your get. There are other fish in the sea who want to be bigger and meaner than you, but you have to race against them to become the ultimate queen of the sea and rule the Ocean! You can create your own little school of fish units to go on the hunt for you and kill other players. This multiplayer game is ridiculously fun!

It’s easy to play too; all you need to move around is the mouse. As you are hunting and trying to catch your prey and destroy your nemesis, avoid the jellyfish they are deadly!

Oceanar io can be played on Android devices and iOS devices.

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