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Sharkz io
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Sharkz io

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Sharkz ioSharkz io is a water game that is not only simple but also interesting to play. This is a new multiplayer water game that involves sharks. In the game you start out as a small shark and work towards becoming the king shark. In order to become the king shark you have to eat other fish in the water. However like any other multiplayer game you have competitors. While eating the other fish look out or else you will get eaten too.

How to play

.As we have seen above the game is very simple. To eat the small fish and other sharks in the water you only have to touch them. The game is played using a mouse for control. Move the mouse around and click on the creature you need to devour. You can also use the letters 1,2,3,4, on the keyboard to control the shark. The more animals you feed on the higher your XP and size grows.This game is safe to play and also fun. Play the sharkz io game today and have fun eating the smaller fish and sharks too. However don’t forget other players are out to get you.

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