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Sl4sh io
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Sl4sh io

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Sl4sh ioAt first sight Sl4sh io is yet another .io game. This means that it is a free, online multiplayer game with simplistic controls where you need a decent internet connection or suffer from endless lag making the game unplayable and where you eat stuff so that you can eat bigger stuff( if you can even begin to start eating that is). However the truth is far from it.

First of all Sl4sh io is a combat game. Clicking in any direction activates your dash which is your attack move. If you miss, your dash goes into cooldown so be careful. However hitting multiple items activates combos which cause greater damage. Right click activates your shield which has its own cool down meter. When someone hits you while your shield is activated, they get damaged instead. With these basic controls the game begins. But the possibilities are endless. The skill cap is really high. And the combat is ruthless as always.

Secondly there are stats and player classes. In the beginning you select a character type out of 6 available classes and according to 7 stats which affect your game in very crucial ways. You can be a fast but fragile assassin or a heavy but durable cruiser.

Thirdly you can upgrade your character during the game itself by eating the food and then simply pressing a key corresponding to the stat. This gives the game a whole lot of depth and allows a large amount of experimentation. And a whole lot of fun

This is a fun and challenging game that is bound to eat up a lot of your time. The creators receive top marks for the amount of creativity and insight they have put into this game. Do give it a try.

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