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Slay One
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Slay One

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Slay OneFor game lovers, nothing can be more exciting than finding an interesting game with so many tasking challenges, getting to compete with your friends on your computer or others online is even an added bonus, slay one gives you that chance.

Slay one is a colourful online multiplayer shooting game, which is full of action. Slay one presents you with a battlefield, different weapons like machine gun and rifles, the ability to customize your own character and even enemies you have to fight to survive.

To play slay one, all you need to do is to left click to shoot, use the WASD keys for moving, right click to jump/dodge, use the R key to reload, key Q/E to apply your skills, key F to aim and the scroll wheel to switch weapons.

Slay one is a wonderful multiplayer online game and the thought of danger makes it even more exciting and challenging.

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