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Snowfight io
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Snowfight io

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Snowfight ioSnowfight io is one of the funniest soldier games currently. This game is a multiplayer or team game. In this game you have to add friends and kill enemies in order to survive. The good thing but this game is that the player can change his name and the snow makes it quite attractive.


o It is universal for iPhone and iPad.
o It has over forty levels.
o Has amazing pixel graphics
o Has multitasking support

How it is played

– This fun game has taping and drawings.
-Players ply by directing their commando soldiers by drawing a path they would want them to use.
-They then throw snowballs at all comers while they follow the path.
-Each level has medals that are won. These medals range from capturing the flag to completing without getting hit by snowballs.

-These soldiers have limited health and can only carry a limited number of snowballs.
-The game also has bonuses such as increased snowballs and replenishing health. To restore health one has to eat a fruit.
– There are also power ups in this game that have the ability to surround you in order to save you from attacks.

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