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Super Snake io
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Super Snake io

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Super Snake ioSuper snake io is a online multiplayer game, in which you play a snake and have to eat points as well as survive form the other larger snakes and traps. It is a wonderful remake of the classic snake in nokia 3310. Supersnake io is also available on google play as well as itunes store.

The game has a very addictive gameplay. You can play online with players all around the world. The rules of the game is simple, you have to level up by eating points or lower level snakes. You also have to survive from higher level snakes and traps.

The various colours dots in the game has different functions such as the red dots help you to grow, the green dot protects you from other snakes for five seconds, blue dots increases the snake’s speed for five seconds, pink dots gives venom to spit and kill other snakes and golden dots helps to become a supersnake. You can also grow by eating other snakes. Higher level snakes can kill lower level snakes, so you should avoid going near higher level snakes if you are on a lower level.

You can notice if the other player has power up by looking at the snakes head. You can kill other snakes by touching any part of there body or by spitting venom earned from the pink dots, the dead snakes then explodes and turns into points which you can eat. The key in this game is to survive as long as possible by avoiding the higher level snakes and mapping the spikes.

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