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Tank Wars io
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Tank Wars io

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Tank Wars ioTank Wars is a game that gets your heart racing right from the stars. It takes you to a world of war, adventure, and action. You will be maneuvering a tank through an enemy territory while at the same time trying to evade enemy missiles which come flying from every corner.

As you take the reins of your tank, you have a key mission to accomplish. This is to bring down all the enemy war tanks and finally take over their land.

Prepare for some epic battle. You will only have a simple turret and little shields when starting but more sophisticated weapons will come your way as the battle heightens. Be on the lookout for weapon containing crates which are dropped every now and then by Aircraft Support.

The io game has two play modes. These include King DeathMatch and Conquest.

How to play tankwars io
You can easily learn how to play Tank Wars even if you’re a beginner. Simply use W S A D for movement and the keys 1 2 3 4 5 6 to control specific abilities. Your skills will get better with time.

In addition, you can change your tank’s structure and functionality at any given time. To do this, log into your account and click on edit tank design.

Get to play this io game today and enjoy its thrill and adventure.

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