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Tankar io
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Tankar io

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Tankar ioYour aim is to become the king of tankar hence you need to blow up other tanks completely before yours gets blown up.

For tankar io, the bigger you are, the better. There are two ways to get bigger. One, kill the enemy successfully and two, collect the dotted orbs encompassing the map. As you grow bigger, your shoots become more and more powerful. Therefore, strive to become bigger so as to be more detrimental increasing your durability even if your speed will be reduced. In the map, there is a big dome that you ought to be very careful with. With a small size, it causes no harm whereas, with a big size,you will be damaged.

As for the controls, use WASD to control how your tank moves, use the space bar or left-click to fire or shoot. R is used to smoke and run, G reduces you mass and K is to commit suicide. To increase your score, kill. Still, XP mode can be used to play as you are capable of advancing your tank and mass mode.Since its controls are simple, tankar io is ideal for those looking for a new game.

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