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UFOwars io
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UFOwars io

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UFOwars ioUfowars io is another multiplayer game where all actions take place in the space. Here, you have to choose your UFO and enter the deadly battle against other players. Your mission is to dominate the server, become the strongest UFO on server and rebel earth.

There are several types of UFO and you can change one of them at the beginning of the game. They are : Tank, Gunner and Cannon. All of them have good and bad ponts, so it is better to try all of them and only after this choose the most powerful. Also remember that all of them have own upgrade tree.

There are two teams in the game – Earth Protectors and Rebels. If you play as a rebel you must work as one with your teammates to destroy earth. If you are Earth Protector your mission is rather simple – protect earth. Enjoy the Ufowars io game at iogamesZ.com

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