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Vanar io
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Vanar io

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Vanar io is a free online multi-player game that engages you in a live space battle with others. In
Vanar io, you will have a circular and bubbly spaceship to yourself, and you must secure it from
every form of danger for as long as you can. The 2D shooter game is pretty awesome and is an
Asteroids version of Agario, as it sets you in a disastrous planet where you can only ruin and subdue other spaceships to survive. The more the destruction and havoc you wreak on your enemies, the more your score! The interesting part of the control in this shooter game is its great space physics with a zero-gravity effect that lets you maintain a particular direction until you boost a different one.

Playing Vanar io is easy! Your objective is to avoid enemies, make your spaceship grow bigger and blow up other ships on your journey through the destructive planet. Your ship will be equipped with guns and shield for maximum destruction and excellent protection. However, you will need to reload your ammo after 20 shots, a process that takes a little time. Therefore you need to fire with caution and consider other players. If you can survive the battles and live long enough, your spaceship will get bigger, and your point will increase as well!

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