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Wormax io
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Wormax io

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Wormax ioThere are several io games that everyone knows, Wormax io is among them. This game is very popular today with up to 100 000 active players every day. The game has several servers where players all over the world play with each other . So, this game is about a snake that has to eat food or other snakes in order to grow. At the beginning of the game, you are a small worm who can hardy ever eat anyone. The best way to grow fast is to eat the dead parts of another player.

There are several interesting perks that you must use. The first one is ability to run faster. Use the Q button to move faster but remember that you are losing length when run for too long. Another ability that I prefer using is becoming invisible for limited time. This option will appear when you progress in the game and become bigger worm. Hope that you will enjoy the Wormax io game

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